Potential phD Research topic (345)

I still try to find a relevant phd topic !!! It is clear that it's going to deal with the social-cognitive roles of space in collaboration but...

I could focus on the cognitive functions of giving context-awareness cues (presence/position/direction) to a small-scale team (2 or 3 persons). Indicators : grounding process / task performance (group) / task duration / group interaction (influence on social network, is a participant less active...).

The awareness tool : map of the team (presence/position/direction) : who is located where (absolute location), who is located close to me (relative location), who is heading toward where (relative direction)... how could we define direction ?

Synchronous (present )+ asynchronous (past : path with location and direction) ? Comparison Sy/Asy/Sy+Asy ?

Design -> Test -> Validation/Experimental research