AfterLife is a project by Auger and Loizeau that aims at "exploring faith and bereavement for griveing atheists through an electrical intrepretation of life after death". The project basically aims at using cadavers as a resource to produce some energy. More information in the pdf report. their motto is "“Remember, old electrons never die, they just move on.” ". There are crazy scenarios:

The applications of the battery are numerous; it can be translated as music in Sony Walkmans or MP3 players, or thinking devices such as calculators or Power-books. Light and enlightenment have often been associated with religious meaning and those who have had near-death experiences often talk of a brilliant light, often blue, which renders the torch as an ideal receptor and conveyance for the afterlife battery. The user of the torch may feel a level of security and comfort through enlightenment, this is an attribute normal with any provider of light this is however, more poignant when the light is provided by a loved one.


  • Mass acts of collective adoration by Christians to illuminate giant Madonna.
  • Ghoulish behaviour as collection of celebrity batteries becomes popular. Douglas Adams body goes missing.
  • Madhur Jaffreys publishes first compiled book of recipes for the last supper, stating that the recipes are not only for the dying, and can be enjoyed by any lovers of spicy Indian cuisine.
  • New range of Tamagotchi in production powered by biological batteries made from cows.
  • Electro therapy used to induce laughter for bereaved wife.

Why do I blog this Designing stuff based on weird ideas is appealing ;) I like the usage scenarios. What about an UML use of "Mass acts of collective adoration by Christians to illuminate giant Madonna".