Duct-taped Football!

I've been pointed on this incredible football tape (presented in Saint-Etienne Biennale 2000):

Spanish designer Martí Guixé is known for his anarchic sense of humor, and his Football Tape (2005) is both unruly and witty. Designed to wrap around old newspaper or other scrap material, the Football Tape encircles the wadded core until it resembles a wrinkled soccer ball. This lets a child have double pleasure—mummifying something in tape and making an object to play with. Designed with the traditional honeycomb pattern of the classic soccer ball (football to Europeans), Football Tape comes in a strip that is shiny on one side and sticky with nontoxic adhesive on the other. Appealing to a child’s sense of the potential in objects rather than the rules we attach to them, Football Tape is also a witty gift for grownups.

I am a fan of duct-taped things... Check the author's website!