pasta + vinegar faq 2006

Quick notes for readers who are puzzled by this blog:

  • This blog is about various things that I ran across and that I find relevant with regards to my interests.
  • My interests ranges from human-computer interaction/ergonomics/cognitive sciences (psychology mostly)/user-centered design/interaction design to innovation management/research and development issues/intelligence/insight and foresight/Ideas transfer from R&D, but also architecture (be in interactive or not), interactive art, space and place issues, life hacks, curious things, quirkies
  • There is a strong weight of posts about technology since my work and my interests are related to how people use technology in various context such as working, playing or learning. That's why I am dealing with pervasive/tangible/ubiquitous computing, video games, groupware, location-bases services, web2.0, the Internet of things... For of all those, how the technology is or can be used is more important than the techno itself.
  • It's about what I stumble across while working (as a researcher doing a PhD but also a researcher working for video game companies)
  • I also post about what I do: paper I published, conference or workshop I attend/organize
  • There is a wide load of posts about location-based services/geolocation/mobile devices because my PhD project is about this very topic.
  • And last but not least, yes there are weird things in what I post... I am intrigued by weird things :)

Oh and finally, yes, 2006 will still be about all this stuff.