Wardriving with cabs

According to O'reilly radar, there's a plan from Ericsson to find cellphone coverage holes in the New York City area by deploying modem-sized sensors in cabs that will report back signal strength and clarity. I liked this part of the interview:

Ericsson chose cabs because they are always on the road and they cover most of the city. They've used other methods in the past. "Our favorite vehicle is the taxicab because of the randomness in its circulation," said Niklas Kylvag, Ericsson's manager of fleet services. But, he added, "We have used trains, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, limousines, pretty much anything that is moving and has electricity in it. I have myself done testing in the Swiss Alps with this on my back at a ski resort."

Why do I blog this? it's interesting IMO to see how the discovery of seams in techological infrastructures is now rooted in possible end-users' behaviors.