Project Portfolio


with Joël Vacheron

IKEA IOT Catalog

with the Near Future Laboratory

Culture Interface: digital technologies and science-fiction (2015-2016)

An exhibit I curated at Cité du Design, Saint Etienne (France).

Quick Start Guide

with the Near Future Laboratory

Curious rituals: gestural interaction in the digital everyday


Milan 2014, epic 2013?, Z33 future fiction, Culture Interface, Vitra Hello Robot Museum


with the Near Future Laboratory

8-Bit Reggae

with Editions Volumiques

Corner Convenience

with the Near Future Laboratory

Lift Conferences (2006-2012)

with Laurent Haug, Sylvie Reinhard, etc.


with Laurent Bolli

Mudac, Playtime (yverdon... Russie... Rennes... Meyrin), expo CNAM + lille + Utopia (nantes)


with Fabien Girardin, conducted at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne)

Sliding Friction: the harmonious jungle of contemporary cities

with Fabien Girardin