Mobile phones impacts on time/space

Cell phones do have interesting effects on our representation of time. Three examples : - Time is ‘softened’, blurred : When is somebody considered late? thanks to my cell phone I could warn my buddies that I'm late... - Cell phone are used to micro-coordinate schedules with others (“I’m at the mall now, where are you?”) - Enables other activities, talk on-the-go : Don’t have to set aside time & place for communication.

Additionnaly, there is also an effect on space :

- Public and private boundaries change : e.g., one person at home, one in restaurant - Physical space vs. Virtual space : Norms in one space != norms in other space + Social conflict e.g. Driving - Trade-off: leash or freedom? - Direct correlation: phone use , tolerance (Britain: 45% of age 24+ say ban phone in public, Compare to only 25% under age 24)