Meeting with the Megawatch team

This morning I met Yusuf Leblebici and Pablo Ienne who work at EPFL on wireless mobile devices. Their goal : how to get enough intelligence in a little device that can run 6months without refueling the battery. They want to see the emergence of original uses.

I could use this device as a platform for my phd

Capabilities : - ad hoc communication, 20-30m range - 1 semester and after you throw it - low bitrate (20kbit/sec) - low powe consumption (one battery = six months) - link with middle layer =pda - link with higher layer : campus backbone - USB ? - minimal display

May 2004 : a possible prototype to play with. 1 building, 10 people Swatch and ST Microelectronics/Motorla are interested

-> Seminars (weekly) to discuss of the applications, specification, basic needs, possible uses...