dks and blogs

[+][tecfa] You ask Kaspar [MAILCRAFT], "bientot daniel avec MT ?"[+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says, "pff never" [17:16:44] [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] smiles, "i am against :)" [17:16:54] [+][tecfa] You ask Kaspar [MAILCRAFT], "how come ?" [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] says, "haha war starts! Blogs against portals ¦ dks attacks :))))" [17:17:23] [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says to you, "it's like personal computing: empowerment to individuals, BAD BAD BAD for organizations" [+][tecfa] You say to Kaspar [MAILCRAFT], "blog can be used to feed newsportal (that's what we try to do here)" [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says, "mhh if there is some improvement yes, else you get information overflow" [17:18:54] [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says, "in addition: not all data should be chronologically ordered, e.g. yahoo is useful, but it is no blog" [17:19:20] [+][tecfa] You say to Kaspar [MAILCRAFT], "..." [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] smiles to you, "don't give up nico, fight back! :))))) i enjoy this kind of discussions that come back every now and then :)" +][tecfa] You say to Vivian [cablefree], "I do agree with K on certain points" [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says to you, "in addition: girls don't read your blog" +][tecfa] You yell to Kaspar [MAILCRAFT], "TOTALLY WRONG !!!!!" [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] smiles, "good point dks :)" [17:22:05] [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says to you, "vivian does not, she just admitted" [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] says, "oops! or ot ? " [17:22:15] [+][tecfa] You say to Kaspar [MAILCRAFT], "a blog COULD be a CHICK MAGNET" [+][tecfa] Kaspar [MAILCRAFT] says to you, "a portal is better, because it has cooking recepees" [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] smiles to you, "I went to attack to dks physically :)" [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] says, "dks-icon: 1-0" [17:25:15] [+][tecfa] Vivian [cablefree] says, "or should I say 1-0.5? u defended yourself well " [17:25:43]