Phone and place

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE Nalini P. Kotamraju, and the Incite, at the University of Surrey works on a project concerning mobile phones and teenagers’ experience of place, including its boundaries.

"As with other mobile technologies, the notion of place is key in investigating young people’s use of mobile devices. Place, of course, is extremely important in the cultural worlds of young people, who experience place, both its opportunities and constraints, in different ways than do adults. Recent research based at the University of Surrey has suggested that the widespread adoption of mobile phones has led to the practice of “location work” (Cooper & Green, 2000). An example of this practice in the United Kingdom is the utterance “Hello, I’m on the train.” Increasingly, the mobile devices themselves are being designed with such location work in mind and location work is being carried out by the devices’ technical features rather than by the users. "

Interesting bibliography here.

Sociology of the mobile phone in Switzerland here

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