Portal and Place

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE Very interesting discussion with DKS today about the notion of Place with respect to web portals.

What is a place in a portal ? Is the portal one place ? Do a portal have places ?

Method : 1. What is a place ? it's a space with : an activity that occurs in it, filled with artifacts and people who interact.

2. What do we have in a portal ? we have activities (= scenario/script, tools to support this, registratin/authentication, co-writing...), artefacts (resources, tools...) and people who interact. Not "discrete", sort of continuous.

List portals' features : RSS feed, communication tools (chat, forum, shoutbox...)...

3. Link between portal and place ? -> I have to check in my report about Space and Collaboration in order to do that. What could be improved considering all the amount of research in environmental psychology (reviewed in my report).