Paper ?

I was wondering about writing a paper about the very notion of PLACE in virtual environments. Few ideas about that : 1. Intro

Rem Koolhas : "words that die in the real world are reborn in the virtual": webSITE, fireWALL, chatROOM... Spatial metaphor is often used...

2. What is a place

2.1 Definition of space : artefacts/people/interaction Place : area to carry out an activity, discrete location, privacy concerny

2.2 Physical Places Library, thrid place, Shcelling Point. In an hospital, each place is related to a specific activity

2.3 Functions of place - Place affords a kind of activity, division of labor/roles, social navigation - Territoriality : Personalization of an area to communicate a group (or an individual) ownership, Social roles among a community, control, privacy, group identity, trust and place attachment - Space settings : Physical settings of the segment of space, Constraints social interactions and conversely those interactions modify space, action planning. - Co-presence : People are mutually aware that they share a common environment - Visibility : People see other people and objects in the environment

3. Places in a virtual environment

3.1 Places in video games 3.2 Places in portals 3.3 Places in groupware

4 Discussion Functions of space supported by virtual environments... Other things that shoudl be implemented... What functions are not supported, could we provide somehting for that... Awareness Tools