Mobile Learning

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE There is smart review of problems encountered by mobile learning designers in Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, September 2003 - Volume 19 Issue 3 Page 255-398. Jeremy Roschelle claims that "First, ‘wireless, mobile learning’ is an imprecise description of what it takes to connect learners and their devices together in a productive manner. Research needs to arrive at a more precise understanding of the attributes of wireless networking that meet acclaimed pedagogical requirements and desires. Second, ‘pedagogical applications’ are often led down the wrong road by complex views of technology and simplistic views of social practices. Further research is needed that tells the story of rich pedagogical practice arising out of simple wireless and mobile technologies. Third, ‘large scale’ impact depends on the extent to which a common platform, that meets the requirements of pedagogically rich applications, becomes available. At the moment ‘wireless mobile technologies for education’ are incredibly diverse and incompatible; to achieve scale, a strong vision will be needed to lead to standardisation, overcoming the tendency to marketplace fragmentation."

The issue also provide readers with very interesting papers about this very topic, especially he one by N. Pinkwart, H.U. Hoppe, M. Milrad, J. Perez ("Educational scenarios for cooperative use of Personal Digital Assistants"). The others deals with collaborative mobile learning scenarios, tools for planning the wireless classrooms, what the authors learns from previous experiences in classrooms and museum and so forth.