Locative Media/Collaborative Cartography

Interesting conference :" The democratization of mapping technologies has given amateurs the means to produce their own cartographic data, which, with arrival of wireless networking technologies will make it possible for subjective mental maps to be made objective. Sharing these "headmaps" will enable the development of a non-proprietary data pool of human geography. Unlike State maps, annotated with "official" point of interest, (City Hall, McDonalds, etc), these portable immersive maps will permit users to inscribe space with their individual and collective desire.

This panel discussion will bring together noted researchers in the emerging field of collaborative cartography, all of whom work outside of the traditional GIS sector. Motivated by a common interest in hybridizing geography with computer science and social theory, the participants share the belief that they are creating tactical tools that will help facilitate new, socially beneficial forms of organization. "