Research Meeting

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE Notion of virtual landmark : adding information (asynchronous awareness) to a place. "I've been here". We have to find a task in which objects are tracked on a field... Mine ?

Participants should need the information in context (just in time, just in place).The coordination must not be planified (unlike planified coordination in which for instance people decide to water plants on one zone on monday and in another zone on friday).

Users will be flaneur/explorator who perceives traces of previous explorator.

Type of information : about the object (its state, modifications...), people who passed by, directions...

A community that leaves spatial messages. You pass by a place and then you receive a message "come and drink at my place" :) A message linked to a zone (link with Mauro's project). Messages left by a participant could be sorted : we can told them to sens a SMS to different numbers : 8526 : synchronous : to people who are in the same zone at the time. 7845 : asynchronous : to people who come in the zone later.

Two applications : - mobile learning : urban sociology, architecteure, geography, geology... - megawatch project : self-organization, let them using the tool, territory appropriation...