Work to check

People like me interested in space and wireless applications should check the work of Steve Benford. In particular, a series of experience projects engage with different user communities to develop new combinations of physical and digital worlds and how explore these may be exploit enhance the quality of everyday life. Different environments with -> 802-11b (WIFI on PALM PDA) + GPS or PDAs combined with GPS receivers and WiFi networking to access a virtual world when moving through the physical world. - Uncle Roy : Uncle Roy exploited a technique called self-reported positioning in which street players would report their won position, either explicitly by declaring their position to Uncle Roy or implicitly by their PDA sending information about which area of the map they were looking at to remote online players. Our analysis of this technique shows they humans may generate and interpret positional data in subtle ways that go beyond understanding exactly where someone is and that raise implications for the use of automated positioning systems such as GPS.

- Can you see me ? Studies drawing on ethnographic observation, feedback from players and analysis of system, identified four different strategies for dealing with the uncertainties in GPS and Wifi: removing them, hiding them, revealing them and exploiting them.