Research meeting

GIS = Geographical Information SystemFor instance : Geopost, Sofrecom, Environmental System Research Institute...

Key points, constraints : - spatial awareness in a building - target : academics, students and business people - only worth if here : just in time and just in place information (not usefull if received by another media) -> create new affordance - living a 'landmark' (that goes on a map : geometry/zone) : virtual note/post it - contextual alert delivered when you're there. Social Navigation : 'this is a nice bookshop'. - additional information (about context : heat.. or not : electrical lines, consumption...) : like in geographical information system -> wlaking in the street is enriched by lots of data (local observation...) - movement trajectory ? - mix of physical experience (of zones) AND conceptual tools.

I should find ideas about location-based services to support collaborative work (formal/informal)... like virtual post-its (what for in a building ?), philips coffee table, a virtual shadow that can follow you in corridors (leave a trace behind you : a black trace, your name, the last book you read, your research interests...a kind of social navigation tool)... if people pass by each other and it happens that they have read the same book : FLASH !