bbc vocabulary course

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE I am pretty impressed by the Body Files of the BBC !!! Very interesting synonyms :)

Selected quotes :

Breasts AKA: Baps, bazookas, bazooms, boobies, boobs, bosoms, bristols, bust, busters, hooters, jubblies, jugs, knockers, melons, nawks, orbs, titties, tits.

Penis AKA Chopper, cock, dangly bits, dick, dong, john thomas, lunch box, manhood, meat, member, nob, sausage, old man, package, organ, prick, rod, schlong, todger, tool, willy, winkle.

Masturbation AKA Bashing the bishop, beating the meat, bringing yourself off, flicking the bean, frigging, hand job, jacking off, jerking off, kit-kat shuffle, playing with yourself, tossing off, w*^%ing off, whacking one out, spanking the monkey.