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Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE Via reading notes : about a book from The spaces between buildings by Larry R. Ford : "Spaces between buildings are considered subordinate and ordinary but they are spaces that exist in the collective memory as the factor that makes the sense of a place. The spaces surrounding buildings loom large in my memories of growing up in the city (...)The author is concerned with ordinary spaces between buildings, including those architectural features like window types and door placements, porches, steps, walkways, gates, gardens, driveways, sidewalks, lawns, street trees, alleys, patios, decks, cellar doors, fences, court-yards, parking lots...The idea is to concentrate on particular types of ordinary spaces and how they came to be, what they look like, and how they are used. He introduces several larger urban design concerns along the way, such as the economic and social impact of the increasing dominance of space over buildings. For the most of the book the author concerns with the details including observations of different types of ordinary spaces, speculations on how and why they evolved, what they mean in our everyday lives, and what trends exist that might change things in the future."