toy toy vocabulary

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Plushie : A plushie is simply what most people call a stuffed animal or a plush animal. Plushies can be almost any size from a few inches to six feet tall, or larger. Plushies are usually made in the form of some type of animal, with bears and bunnies probably being the most common.

Furry : A furry is any real or fictional character who has both animal and human attributes. This can range from ordinary animals that have attained sentience, to humans with some animal-like characteristic. They are most commonly, but not always, represented as anthropomorphic characters.

Furry fan : : A furry fan is someone who collects furry things or participates furry events.

Fursuit : : A fursuit is a full-body costume that makes the wearer look like a furry character or a favorite animal. Other names for a fursuit can include; animal costume, animal mascot, zoot and zoot-suit. One who wears a fursuit might be called a zootaphile, costumer, mascot or fursuitophile.

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