trucker hat building

for those of you who happen to wear trucker hat, feel free to make yours with this nice tutorial... the website offers also intersting insights about how to make soap with bacon and a lamp with a blender.

It's very nice to see the reasons why the authors went into this kind of things : "BLENDER LAMPS? WHAT IN THE HELL DROVE YOU TO DO THIS?

More than a psychotic ex-girlfriend, more than credit card debt, the one thing I attract and cannot seem to rid myself of is old roommate debris. So about five years ago, after an old roommate left me two or three margarita blenders that had heard Jimmy Buffett for the last time, I decided to do something with the junk.

I thought those blenders could make good lamps and I vowed to teach myself how through the magic of the Time-Life series of books. With only my crude Time-Life wiring skills and an utter lack of tools at my disposal, I nearly electrocuted myself the first time I tried putting one together.

I was trying to teach myself something or other involving switches and I didn't wire them properly or something. Honestly, I don't know and I can't remember much of the incident or September 1986 as a result. Once I plugged the blender in, a sharp bolt of juice zapped me, the fuses blew and the next thing I know, the whole house was dark and smelled like burnt Me.

Over time, I got pretty good at making them from nearly any type of blenders, but newcomers should stick with the plastic, crappy 1970s variety. They're the ones used in this picture, and they're a whole lot easier to drill and glue than metal is.

And one last thing. Don't be all needy and clueless and literal about the directions. You may need to improvise and the directions may not always line up. Keep pushing forward. That's why they invented fuseboxes and circuit breakers."