collaborative mobile learning

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE Today, at the CRAFT reading group, we had a very interesting discussion about the added value of mobile devices (cell phones and PDA mostly) for collaborative learning. What we think is that it is very difficult to merge the three domaines : learning/mobility/collaboration for various reasons :

- collaboration and collaborative learning is a very fuzzy notion. The only thing we know is that it refers to situations that involves two or more persons who share the same goal and work on a joint activity (fuzzy innit ?). - apart from field studies, mobility is not really helpful with regard to pedagogical concerns (or we miss something ?) - when we try to put together all those three dimensions, there always something's missing : for instance, it is easy to conceive an application in which you can provide B with an information written by A depending on the context... but then what's the learning gain ?

My point here is that I prefer to see mobile applications as a way to support collaboration (for iinstance to foster matchmaking or social navigation) and this could be used in a learning script/scenarios.