new research agenda

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE After a short meeting with my phd advisor, we plan to move now on technical stuff. The question is how to provide iPAQ users with position/location of their partners.

I should try to list all the process as well as all the problems that could occur (wifi hotspot on different levels/floors...), position precision, which technology are available, zoom ? (possible, usability concerns), different colors ? distance computation ?, is it possible to know if a guy is at a certain location on a regualr basis (link with the database ans schedule), stand-by problem (if the ipaq is turned off, how could it communicate with the antennas ?), social dimension ( give colours to groups from same section...), fading (location history with a black to white path...), scale problem (if the user choose the wrong scale, shoudl it adapt to show the partner's location or just giving an arrow to tell the dimension).

how to do this practically ?