Video Games Research framework

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE The book J. Goldstein & J. Raessens (Eds.): Handbook of Computer Game Studies. (Boston: MIT Press) provides game researchers with an interesting framework.

According to the authors, there are six approaches (description taken from th level up conference introduction :

- “Computer games” with a focus on on computer games themselves. : ‘What’s in a game?’, ‘What games are made of’, ‘Narrative’, ‘Exploration’, ‘Text and textuality’ and ‘Pervasive games’. - “Design” concerned with the relationship between the designer and the game. Two sub-sections describe game development from the designer’s point of view, - “Reception” that focuses on the individual player’s relationship to the computer game. For instance, empirical research on the psychological effects of computer games is reviewed in ‘Kids and fun’. - “Games as a cultural phenomenon” takes a cultural approach (gender and cultural studies). - “Games as a social phenomenon,” considers normative aspects of computer gaming the effects of games on social behavior. - “Research methods”