about competitive intelligence and foresight research

Bookmarklets | MOVABLE TYPE I had a very nice meeting with bill cockayne at Create/PSE about competitive intelligence and foresight research. He gave me few references and places to check :

International Conference on Competitive Intelligence Check dependent and independent groups Articles sometimes in the NYT Harvard Business Review Mc Kinsey (journal) CIO CIO insights (Best practices...) Financial Times the economist wall street journal

Boutique Skandia (finnish company) i could work in big french insurance companies :) or IBM cambridge research group :)

Collecting bank and industry reports In the US, big companies spun out their research groups, as well as their foresights groups. Only Venture capitalists keep them

Big companies needs : from very specific issues to broad ones.

Lots of people work 10years for a company (big one) and then spin off to have their own intelligence company.

It is not only a matter of writing reports, the idea is to give the client a global framework that could help them to understand the phenomenon now and in the future. -> FIND PATTERNS !

In your domain, have strongs opinions ! find added values, drawbacks and possible error you can have made in your prediction (and predict which kind of information could foster an error in the future : if event X arrive, that could modify my thinking)