ma pratique du blog

It's been nearly 8months that I blog and I never talk about my blog activity. I would like to adress different issues I noticed : - this blog have regular readers and occasional readers. - most of the occasional readers often come up with two comments. The first is that they are wondering when I have the time to find stuff to blog. The second is simply : why do you put weird stuff on your blog ? - it appears that I have a strong tendency/capability to find weird/strange/odd stuff everywhere (both in real and virtual world). - since I post about weird things my keywords are weird - my blog is messy (it's on purpose !!! and if you want to get all my research post, just read the post in the research category, actually, I have a link for that, I should put it on the main index. But I don't want it, I like the idea of mixing my research and other things) - yes I am french, yes I write in english (with mistakes of course :( - people from "outside" (people who browse the web less than one time a week, yes those people exists in the real world and have no existence on google) finds the blog idea (and this blog) 'funny' but it seems that they don't understand its usefulness