I have just finished the first draft of the paper I am going to submit to CSCW : DO PEOPLE CARE OF THEIR PARTNER'S LOCATION ? Spatial awareness in virtual environments. NICOLAS NOVA, DAVID TRAUM, LYDIA MONTANDON, DAVID OTT and PIERRE DILLENBOURG

Abstract : this paper proposes to report on four experimental studies with regard to how people use space so as to solve problem collaboratively in virtual environments. Prior to presenting the results, it summarizes the wide range of literature concerns social uses of spatiality in human interactions. The experiments we conducted revealed that virtual space modifies and improves collaborative processes such as division of labor, grounding, communication, coordination, as well as the performance to the task. It concludes by proposing CSCW practitioners ideas about how to use this results in order to design more effective environments.

Keywords : CSCW, awareness, virtual space, spatiality, collaboration, coordination.