Places in video games

Via weird things in video games, odd facts about virtual places : # There's always a floating continent or island in an RPG world. # The floating continent or island always gets destroyed. # Every RPG features stars in some way, whether astrology, star formations, zodiac signs etc. # Each continent has only two or three towns. Does everyone else live in caves or something? # Each town has only a few shops, a pub, an inn and at most a few houses... # Which explains why in towns, the same people are in the same places doing the same things, all the time. They probably haven't got a home to go to... # Buildings always look smaller on the outside. Always. # ... # Even worse are towns, which look several thousand times smaller on the field map than they actually are once you go inside them.

# There's always some sort of church or sanctuary in an RPG world.

# No-one bothers to lock the doors of their houses. They won't notice or care if you just walk into their house and take the stuff from their drawers or treasure chests.

# On the other hand, you can never get past guards or even little kids standing in your path, even though you can kill the most powerful monsters with your sword or magic.

# Thousands of troops may be preparing for war, but you never see them in the castle.

# You can never get past locked doors; you're supposed to be the most powerful people on Earth yet you never even think of lockpicking.

# If you're lucky enough to have a key for a locked door, consider yourself really lucky, because that key will unlock every single locked door in the whole wide world, yet strangely it can used once and only once (must get stuck in the door or something).

# If there is one little thing blocking your way, be it a tree stump, a chair, a bottle or a coin, you can't jump over it or move it in any way.

# Some places you can't go to unless you have done something else first, even though you could easily break in using your magical powers.

# There are never more beds in an inn than the number of people in your party.

# NEW!And the inn is always empty of guests until your party arrives. Had Mary and Joseph been in an RPG, Jesus wouldn't have to be born in a stable.

# In some inns there is only one bed, which either the party members don't seem to mind sharing, or one person uses the bed and the others just sit around (but still get healed for some reason).

# Everyone sleeps in the same room in an inn, you'd probably get more privacy sleeping on the streets.

# No wonder why it costs so little... it usually at least 10 times the price of staying at an inn to buy a potion.

# If they do cost anything, inns near the end of the game always cost 100 times more than the inns in your hometown.

# Every single inn provides the same poor service (no toilets, one bed, etc.) whatever they cost.

# The game is always set in day time, but somehow as soon as you sleep in an inn it turns dark.

# Pubs are always sources of important information. Rather different from pubs today, then.

# So you do see people sitting around the pub having a drink, but you can never buy a drink yourself.

# You'd never see anyone eat though.

# No-one cares if children go into a pub or a gambling place (e.g. slot machines).

# Caves are always lit.

# And the candles never go out.

# Who leaves treasures lying around in caves and dungeons?

# Or for that matter, who leaves worthless junk like tunics or battered shields lying around in caves and dungeons?

# Whenever you find a scrapyard, there's always some genius scientist who can make ultra-powerful machines out of the scraps.

# There's always something haunted in an RPG, whether it be a house, a train or a tower.

# When you go to a haunted place it always so happens that it is at night time. (Why else does the whole screen turn dark?)

# When someone falls off a cliff he or she always manages to survive.

# You can always "hitch-hike" onto a large ship, and the captain will always be willing to take you to wherever you want at any time, for free.

# There are no pirates in the sea.

# You can always swim across a lake, but never across a tiny patch of sea.

# Earthquakes never affect the geography.

# You can never read books in a bookshop or library, you can only listen to people who quote from them.

# Even if you can read books, you can only read, guess what, a quoted section.

# There is always something hidden behind a bookcase.

# Airships are phenomenally fast that you can travel around the world in one in five minutes.

# In an RPG there will always be some cocky reference to Greek or Norse myths and legends, e.g. Atlantis.

# When you're out in the freezing cold or in a scorching desert, you never suffer from any ill effects even though you wear the same clothes whereever you go.

# In battle, standing 10cm further back will prevent 50% of the damage. Hmm??

# Also in battle, even if you get knocked down by the enemies, you will still stand back up at exactly the same spot. Is it glued to your feet or something?

# People in remote mountain or island villages always seem to be surprised when adventurers show up there by airship, teleportation or whatever. (How did they get there in the first place?)

# Even though they're remote, the shops there are always well-stocked (and very expensive).