My work at CRAFT since May

- 2 papers in conferences : ICNEE and CRIWG- 1 accepted paper at CJC5, cancelled because I went to CSCL2003 - 1 paper submitted to Journal of CSCW - 1 paper to be submit to Journal of Multimedia - 2 refused papers (CSCL and Interact) - Literature review about SocioCognitive uses of space : a CRAFT report - Literature review about Cell phones and location - Report with Pierre about learning center scenario - few things for the nokia project - review of 'locative media' - contribution to different weblogs about location-based services - attended three conferences : ICNEE, CSCL2003, CRIWG - awareness of my field of research (location-based services, space and place)

On-going projects : iPAQ location project, SMS sutdy, location study, spatial coordination and location in video games.

Needs : schedule/agenda, internship abroad.