Google Number

Via Google’s greatest application as an ‘HR tool’ is not in the corporation – it is out among the free agents, consultants and entrepreneurs who live and work by reputation and experience. It is here where ‘Google numbers’ become very important.

What’s Your Google Number? Go to and enter your name within double quotes. At the far right of the blue line Google will report how many total pages it found with your name on it. The total pages found is your Google number.

If your Google Number is around… - 100 or less – keep your day job and start publishing - 400 – do a nice web site and publish more - 800 – it is probably safe to hang out your shingle - 1,000 – you are getting some real attention - 2,000 – you are well known in your field - 5,000 – you are an often quoted expert in your field – a thought-leader - 10,000 – Dave Ulrich - 50,000 – Tom Peters - 100,000 – Peter Drucker