Gosh there is a another Severin Nova

A Severin Nova in Star Wars :Having remembered the name Tatooine from a Trader who visited Dathomir (and was murderered), Severin gave the ship's R5 the destination, and soon arrived at the sand-engulfed planet. There, he felt a spark of life with his unique senses in a mysterious ship crash, and lowered the craft to save the amnesia-induced former-CorSec operative, Hakana -- who taught him about the universe, and became his greatest ally.

Severin is filled with an inner rage at his homeworld, specifically those of the Nightsisters. He also has a strong will to survive, and unique senses -- which aid in his stealth and may speak of force-sensitivity. The former slave despises being held captive, or having his freedom taken away in any fashion.

Am I coming from Tatooine ?