Tomorow's jobs and Phoenix Foundation Phoenix

You guys all remenber the Phoenix Foundation and its famous Director of Operations Pete Thornton as well as the best operative of the world : Angus MacGyver. The Phoenix Foundation was an entirely benevolent organization, with activites like diplomatic relations, environmental studies, technological innovations and conservation efforts. But apart from this, do you know other things about it ????

As a global think tank Phoenix Foundation could be perceived as the institution of the future and MacGyver one of the person who hold one of tomorrow's jobs. I am sort of joking... The truth is that I think that like Oscar, in Bruce Sterling's novel Distractions, Mac Gyver and all of Phoenix Foundation employees, have lots of skills normally devoted to other stuff (war, engineering, computations...) but transferred into other fields (like solving conflicts in McGyver's case or solving research facility troubles in Oscar's case).