Situation Awareness Outdoor !

Via geo outdoors, Situation Awareness appears to be as meaningful for geo wankers as for military :

S.A. stands for Situation Awareness and good pilots are continually thinking about it. They're aware that it constantly changes, and they are prepared for the scenarios that alternate situations may present. (...) Having Good S.A. Includes Awareness of: - The time of day (How many hours of light are there?)
- The relative remoteness of your location (highway road cut, Alaskan wilderness, abandoned mine, etc.)
-The type of terrain (traveling over sand dunes is slower than walking along a railroad spur.)
-The topographic relief.
- The current weather.
- The pending weather.
- The amount of work left to complete.
- Threats to the wellbeing of you and your crew (man-made, animals, plants, falling off a cliff, etc.)
- The location of your field crew and/or partner relative to you.
- The NUMBER of people on your crew. (VERY important!)
- The location of your vehicle or camp relative to you.
- Equipment and consumables readily at hand (water, radios, first-aid kit, signaling devices, etc.)
- Your (and your crew's) skill level and experience as they pertain to all of the above.