Head Mounted Display Company

Motion Research is a company that develops technologies that address the issue of information retrieval while in motion, namely two products, based upon its patented technologies: A head-mounted display (HMD) and the Autonomous Personal Data Recorder and Transmitter (APDRT) system.

A person participating in an activity that involves speed or operating in extreme work conditions must continually interface with changing information. Whether informaion is provided via dashboard displays, personal equipment or the environment, it involves a direct shift in visual focus. This shift requires mental and physical effort. The effort is small, but costly, requiring two movements: one to shift focus and retrieve information and a second to again refocus on the effort of motion. This shift of focus can create a dangerous situation. MRC owns the display technology that addresses the issue. Doing more than simply reducing information retrieval time, MRC creates a intuitive, seamless, nearly instantaneous cognitive relationship between user and information flow.