mudlondon : "gonzo geographical data collection"

Mudlondon is a collaborative mapping project: building of an interactive map of London, accessible via an instant messaging bot.

It consists of geographical models which are represented as RDF graphs. you can wander round them, like a MUD or MOO, with a bot interface which you can use to create and connect new places. They propose a model of london, with grid location data about places and the connections between them. t is a semantic web project; it provides a scheme for semantic web identification of places via unique uris. the interaction with people aspect uses FOAF, in the hope that friend-of-a-friend networks can benefit from collaborative filtering as well as collaborative mapping.

Users can search for a place name, create, connect and annotate spaces. I like this idea of information bot as a "stateful conversational interface". Users talks with a bot (AIM, jabber) and interact with it (it is an aspect of the semantic web). I really like this idea :

If location-based, mobile services are going to become essential to my lifestyle, like my mobile phone has, I'd like to have an alternative to near-monopolistic commercial offerings. When I'm walking down a London backstreet and my mobile-of-the-future points out that I might enjoy that beer in that pub over there, I'd rather that was a friend of a friend, and not News International telling me so.