[TheWorld] Pittsburgh Ground Zero Group

PittsburghGround Zero is "an open network of doers, makers and creative people who collaborate on projects focused on Pittsburgh's urban environment and culture." Their manifesto is here (pdf).

The intention of the group is to create and sustain a network of resources and information that facilitates artistic collaboration and urban renewal on both individual and regional levels. • We want to take positive steps toward creating an environment of artistic culture, positive urban living, and local pride. • We would like Pittsburgh to be a place that is connected both physically and non physically: by modes of transport and through a shared cultural identity. • We want to create a culture of inclusion and collaboration among artists and communities. • We want to create and promote projects that make people feel a connection to their city. • We will encourage and support the greatest possible utilization of Pittsburgh’s existing resources: the people, the cultural and physical infrastructure, and the untapped natural amenities.