[MyResearch] Space as a Resource for Action

I am glad to find support for my idea of "space a cognitive resource for action". At the "JOURNÉE SCIENTIFIQUE "ESPACE, INTER/ACTION & COGNITION"", Anna Spagnolli (Istituto di Psicologia, Università di Padova), Bernard Conein, (Dép. de Sociologie, Univ. de Lille), Eric Laurier (Department of Geography, University of Glasgow),Duska Rosenberg (School of Management, Royal Holloway Univ. London). The workshop was organized by Lorenza Mondada.

I like Eric Laurier's claim:

Emailing one another in the lead up to this workshop Lorenza and myself were saying how we might go about dropping ‘the bucket’ theory of space. That is, the bucket theory is a vague general way of treating space as merely the container for our activities. Nor equally would we want to treat space as a passive backdrop or flat terrain which provides a base and unchanging co-ordinates which it is our job to interpret. Nor even, perhaps, would we want to set up space in the phenomenological arrangement: the ‘figure/landscape’ pair so central to Merleau Ponty’s notions of the depths of space (Wylie, 2003). As the outline for the session makes clear, space is there as a resource for, and, as a product of a myriad of practices.