[Prospective] Urban Infomatics Breakout

Howard Rheingold's paper in thefeature about how technologies like location based services could modify urban design or architecture is full of interesting comments and ideas:

- "As a modern-day nomadic hunter-gatherer, I would want to find locations of edible plants and good fishing spots."
- "I like to find free wifi locations; the services I know of for locating those are all but useless, so I warbus and warwalk to find them."
- "A “call a bike” service in Berlin allows to activate public bikes by a call/sms (one can leave them later anywhere in the city)."
- "a “location aware, smart car sharing system” (www.wapyourcar.com). When petrol becomes expensive, perhaps effective reputation systems will lead to a spread of network-augmented car-sharing/hitchhiking?"

My contribution is more geotagging plus social networking: a kind of social virtual landmark: you receive a sms or a pile of message related to a specific location that only comes from your social network (and you can rate the reputation of the participants in order to get only the most well-rated messages).