[Space and Place] Software for Skyscrapers

Excerpts from notes from the William Davies & James Crabtree presentation at ETCON: Software for Skyscrapers !

"A new building with lots of people provides an interesting test for social software" - people who aren't like each other
- who don't know they have shared interests
- don't care about social software
-cope with specific software contexts
- not all action is emergent

Forseen dilemma of the architect: will probably never be a single community
but should be a neighborhood
transient residents make the standing wave of a neighborhood difficult

social software could help, as long as shared interests can be idenitfied in a diverse community.

the architects want to turn the building into a 'small world' a la network theory

When they asked potential residents about whether they would be into the community of the building, responses were mostly negative.
(not homely, classes don't mix...)
- Too little social capital
- The wrong sort of social capital

Software in skyscrapers: - what types of cooperation might be required?
- even if you are not friends you have some things in common due to location
- what will you want people around you to do for the community