[TheWorld] Hard Times: Man Accused of Stealing .25 Cents of Power

Via Yahoo News:

BERLIN - German prosecutors said Thursday they are investigating a student for stealing electricity after he plugged his laptop into a train station electrical socket and used 0.2 euro cents, or a quarter of a U.S. cent's worth, of power.

The 23-year-old man, whose identity wasn't released, was seen by police officers connecting the computer at the station in the central city of Kassel late one evening last November. Suspecting that he had stolen the laptop, officers arrested him after he boarded a tram outside.

He proved the computer was his own, but prosecutors still opened an investigation on suspicion of "removing electrical energy."

"The officers had no choice. They must investigate if there is suspicion of an offense," said Kassel prosecutor Manfred Jung. "However, these proceedings will most certainly be stopped."