[MyResearch] Mogi, item hunt: a location based game

Mogi Item Hunt is a location-based game designed by the french company Newt Games. It uses the GPS functions of the KDDI AU phones and allows you to pick up virtual items spread on the whole of Japan.

A game where players move outside, pick-up virtual items, through their mobile phone interface then trade with other players to complexte collections. it is based on players' location. From the Web interface, players see in real time, on a 3D map, the positions of connected players as well as collection items. From both interfaces, players trade the items picked-up with the mobile. Mogi is a community game featuring a complete IM system. A Web player might help a mobile player by clicking on its character on the map and sending "Lucky you! North, close to you, lies a rare item. Get it, get it ! :)" which will pop on the screnn of the mobile player.

All Mogi players are together in the same "parallel world". For example, connected players in the vicinity, or all your favorites no matter how far, will appear in your radar with their character icons indicating the direction and distance. Clicking those character icons will let you send them a message directly. You can reach other players in the ranking list, recently connected list or through the trade interface. From there on, make friends and build your own buddy list.

Mogi uses two positionning system : GPS (very accurate but slow and costly) and radio-positionning system (it just gives the location of the closest phone antenna, it's less precise but cost nothing).The radio localization is used when players are not hunting for a specific item in the radar (when there's only time for one radar chaeck, when they cannot move - in public transports, etc.). They use GPS when they have spotted a missing item in the radar and want to chase it, through the streets.