(Research) March, 4, 2004: conference at IDI, Ivrea

I attended a conference at the Interaction Design Institute (Ivrea, Italy), we were kind of late but still it was nice to visit the place. John Rheinfrank (USA) Professor Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University / seeSpace llc Chicago, IL, USA Shelley Evenson (USA) Associate Professor of Interaction Design School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, US coalescing relationships are creating momentum produces personal, social and economical opportunity

complex graph made up with lots of stuff: use modelling, biomimicry

how do you design for this ?

ability centered -> flexible platforms for resources that are aware of the situations or context and continuously resonating with the person's individual ability

we do backcasting ???

7 themes for ability centered design (not principles! because principles deals with universality and then limitation) - let me do: fit a need - orient me: allow me immedotaley to orient myself (webmap.com: viz tool) - let me win: give a resposne -> success of the ipod, ure not think about the ipod interface but about the music - push me: help me learn (bodymedia.com) - sense and respond: let me customize when you dynamically personalize me (surface yugop.com) - connect me (ambient devices): help me make connections with the subject matter or across destinations or with other people. im a part of a community, i want to get in touch without to much effort - immerse me (thetrip.com): plunge me into the experience in a way that makes me less (or even up) aware of the place or setting that i've come from.

success = experience fit if you engage me in this co-discovery and co-creation you'll transform my life

"learning through the social network": u dont need a book to learn how to open a door, its the design; for somes artifacts it is difficult and you have to relate on your social network

"cradle to cradle": something when unuseful or dead could be "recycled" in another thing so we need to think about this when designing stuff: for instance poo is used to feed animals

read lucy suchman's book (plan and situated action)

future: thinking about service design !