[Prospective] Bruce Sterling's pokkecon: next to be social software

This week-end I read a nice short story. Since I am a lazy bastard and I don't have time to write a review, I put the one I found here.

In Bruce Sterling’s short story ‘Maneki Neko’, a similarly domestic icon – the Maneki Neko, a Japanese good luck item in the shape of a cat – is the icon for an intelligent social network co-ordinated by ‘Pokkecons’ – PDA style ‘pocket controllers’. These devices organise their owners lives around a gift economy of seemingly random gestures. Your Pokkecon might order you to buy an extra coffee and hand it to a stranger in the street, then when you return home you find a parcel has been delivered containing your favourite type of sweet.

I liked this idea of tool to give gift to your social network. This gives me the idea of a foaf file put into your cell phone that canhelp you to support this activity. I envision a kind of application that help people to exchange stuff (like ideas or soulution to problems or papers) The only lack at the moment would be a description of: - what you have - what you need

A kind-of RDF description of what you know (how to fix a bug for instance) and what problem you have (the problem, the bug) could allow some kind of matchmaking ?