[Space and Place] Languages and spatial relations

Concepts read in "The Grammar of Space" (Soteria Svorou).

Location expressions carries a different degree of explicitness in the encoding of referents in the world. Explicitness incorporates the weighed relevance of various conceived elements of the situation with respect to the communicative intent of the speaker. "here" has the lowest degree of explicitness because the speaker simply considers knowledge of his/her position as adequate information for the listener to locate the entity under question, and relies heavily on contextual cues rather than elaborate linguistic specification. Furthermore, "here" simply indicates that the location of an object or situation is in physical or psychological vicinty of the speaker without making reference to any other features of the situation. In that respect, "here" has a low degree of specificity. Degree of specifivity refers to the amount of detail with spatial relations are described. Thus, "on the door" has a lower degree of specificity compared to "on the top left corner of the door".