[Prospective] technology perversion:location based services and drug dealer

Dealing with prospective and technology, I like those people who has to figure out perversion or bad uses of technology. That is part of the job. This is another way to creatively think about technology ! For instance, I found the following here:

3G Pre-paid Services and Money Laundering
A drug dealer has collected substantial sums of cash from his dealings and wishes to lodge this in various onshore bank accounts without raising suspicion. He uses his team to take out a number of pre-paid subscriptions, using faked identities. He then has his team members buy large denomination pre-paid top-ups in large volume, and he credits each account with several thousand dollars.
Using these heavily topped-up handsets, the dealer now purchases large quantities of merchandise in this simplified scenario. He then retails this merchandise from local stores, which he has rented or purchased, and lodges the proceeds in the bank, as legitimate takings from commerce.
3G in conjunction with the pre-paid service concept and loopholes in subscriber vetting and identification, places a sophisticated financial device capable of extensive cross-border utilisation in the hands of anonymous organised criminals, again on a global basis.