(Prospective) Techno Animism

Mike Kuniavsky in his paper in adaptive path explains that he is

convinced that, as networks of smart objects permeate our environment, people’s attitudes toward technology will become more animist. In other words, we’ll start to anthropomorphize our stuff.(...) So how will people react to a ubiquitous computing world? It’s already difficult to predict how technological objects will behave when their functionality is hidden in black boxes and radio waves. Once these technologies are widely distributed in everyday objects, the environment they create will become too difficult for us to explain in purely functional ways. In other words, because we have no other way to explain how things work, we will see the world as animist. Animism is, in its broadest definition, the belief that all objects have will, intelligence, and memory and that they interact with and affect our lives in a deliberate, intelligent, and (in a sense) conscious way.

I like this :

What heavy computer user has never had the urge to search for house keys by doing a “Find File” on their bedroom?