[Tech and Weird] Karaoke Culture

For people who are into Karaoke or for others like me who are just curious about social phenomena: Karaoke Culture by Cyril Fievet:

Karaoke is a Japanese word. It comes from “kara”, short for “empty”, and “oke”, the abbreviation of “okesutura”, meaning “orchestra”. This “empty orchestra” is thus a way to refer to songs where only the music – and not the vocals – are recorded.(...) In Japan, Toyota has presented recently a new equipment which, among others, allow people to practice Karaoke in their car. In Thailand, some websites offer an “Online Karaoke virtual experience” (http://www.singingweb.com, in English and Thai). And in Indonesia, it’s hard to buy a CD player which does not have the “K-function” included. Maybe the concept is evolving, trying to take advantage of new technologies or new customers’ tastes. But Asian Karaoke doesn’t seem to be dead. Far from that.