(Prospective) New standard: Near Field Communication: 10cm interactions

NFC is a protocol based on proximity and physical contact. A bit different from BlueTooth,

It enables the user to exchange all kinds of data, in complete security, simply by bringing two devices close together. Its short-range interaction greatly simplifies the whole issue of identification, as there is a lot less confusion when devices can only 'hear' their immediate neighbors. (...) NFC technology is being jointly developed and promoted by Philips and Sony as a means to overcome the dizzying complexity of modern technology in our increasingly connected world. (...) The technology is in essence a contactless short-range interface technology operating on the 13.56 MHz frequency band with a read/write range of up to 10 cm. It will enable people to effortlessly connect digital cameras, PDAs, set-top boxes, computers and mobile phones.(Philips).