(Weird) A critical Analysis of Tamagotchi

Here is a critical analysis of tamagotchi. Ths authors presents what are those virtual pets, as well as well as his own experience with a virtual chicken.

- What is a Tamagotchi? A brief working description of a question this entire project seeks to answer.- Tamagotchi in Japan: A summary of news stories relating to the Japanese release of Tamagotchi. - Tamagotchi in America: The first week American release, and economic context with respect to other economic phenomena.

Analysis: - Tamagotchi and Aspectual Shape: Discussion of a few approaches and contexts we might use to frame our thought about the Tamagotchi in human society. - Observations of my own Virtual Chicken: A collection of thoughts relating to the motivations for believing in the "petness" of a virtual pet. - Morality of the Tamagotchi-Human Cyborg: A look at the values native to the technology.

Criticism - Tamagotchi as Distraction: A Critical Theory look at the social spectacle of the Tamagotchi event. - Tamagotchi as Simulated Experience: A consideration of the long-term cultural impact of "virtual pet ownership". - The Trajectory of Virtual Relationships: A broader perspective of what our current interaction with the Tamagotchi suggests about the future of our mutually redefining discourse with technology.