(Space and Place) SupaCool Psychogeography Footage

Version Magazine is a nice reference for psychogeography freaks like me :) Four issues are available and their map of the world project is cool as well.

THE MAP OF THE WORLD is a world map, printed with the dimensions of 137x232cm and fixed on metal boards. In contrast with an ordinary map we erased all the countries' names and capitals. We left only the administrative borders.

The capitals attached with magnetic supports can be moved on the map's surface. The idea took shape in 1999, while one of us lived in France and the others still in Romania. In the middle of a chat it occurred to us ... what if Bucharest would be in France? This was one of the departure points of this project: the desire of moving, of changing spaces, of re-designing others` contexts. As Deleuze said "areas of contact." From here we tried to invent a tool for dialogue and the result is expressed in THE MAP OF THE WORLD. We call it a tool, because we don't consider it an "art object." but rather an 'auxiliary' for debates, interventions or workshops linked to different issues such as globalization, cultural emigration, tourist standardization, trajectory and different kinds of transgressions.